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Stories & Research

Adding one story at a time - I have many, many, many tales and histories in binders, on cassette tapes, computer files, etc. Please join me as we chase our tale . . .


Click any options in the Gallery Menu above. A great collection of our family heritage photos and other media. Help us expand this collection with copies of treasures you may possess. Let us know who you look like!

Pedigree Charts & More

This is the hard data - names, dates, places, research sources, maps and more. When you're looking for facts about our family, start here.

Cousin Connect

Our family collaboration site which focuses on descendants of common great-grandparents. Please add your family information and photos. Just click on "Request Membership" and join (for free) our descendancy chart so we can see where you fit in.

Recent articles

Some are afraid to look into their family tree, in case they find out they're a sap . . .