• The Tipping Point


    I’ve made a few attempts from time to time over the years — tried to figure out how to share and collaborate on family history research.  I’ve dabbled in different sites and systems.  Nothing seemed to “do the trick.”

    However, these past few months our family was caught by surprise at the death of my father, Robert Williams Rigg, Sr. (Dec. 1, 1930 to Aug. 23, 2014).  The death of a loved one stimulates much personal reflection.  And viewing my dad’s memorabilia, I felt tremendously saddened at the realization that there are many treasures there of which we don’t have the details nor understand the true value.  That was my tipping point.

    I have been an active family history researcher, gatherer, and archiver for over 40 years.  If something happened to me today, the majority of that effort would be lost, and many treasures would disappear.

    This attempt to bring all these things to the public is definitely like the adage “how to eat an elephant” and I am going to just work on it “one bite at a time.”  It’s much more than just uploading my pedigree chart (which I’ve done).  There are tape recordings, video recordings, photos, stories, tons of tidbits in my memory, heirlooms, research and research and research, maps, tips, contacts, connections, and it goes on.  Also, I’m still gathering and piecing together — so it’s an ongoing project.

    Here are the current systems I’m using, though this will probably evolve as technology continues to change:


    — this website, to act as a searchable holding place for photos, pedigree charts, family group sheets and research sources

    — blog on this website, to post updates on research and publish stories and ongoing research, connect with others and hopefully gather more history


    — I’ve created a site that is collaborative and great for listing descendants, with the hope of having family members and cousins add their information. Let me know if you’re interested and I will issue an invitation to it. (You have to sign in.)


    — I do place my info and sources on this mass site, however because it is designed as a “wiki” type site, others delete some of my info from time to time and disconnect links; so I cannot use it as a “master” file at all, it is just a developing resource to make some connections

    I’ve had some great mountain adventures in my life (Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest base camp, many 14’ers in Colorado), and I feel a similar excitement as I embark on this mountain, for such it is.

    Welcome and enjoy!

    Me and My Dad



    Thank you, Dad, for instilling in me a love for family and a deep appreciation for our heritage.

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  1. Robert W Rigg Jr says:

    More photos !!!!

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