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Hargleroad cousins, 1962

Hargleroad cousins, 1962

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Though I’ve spent decades researching ancestors, previously I had not found a good, collaborative way to keep track of cousins and descendants until now.  I set up an account with and if you’re connected to our family tree I would love to invite you to this private site.

The main focus of our Cousin Connect site is to collaborate and connect descendants of common great-grandparents.

Please add your family information and photos!  You may even like to create your own site and connect through that.

Come check it out!

Note: As a private site, you will need to request “membership” (no cost to you). Also, it is not searchable by internet search engines.

2 Responses

  1. Chris Garner says:

    Hello, I am the great grandson of Emma (Orchard) Garner. Knew her when I was a kid and she was in her late 90’s until her death at 100. Some Garners and Orchards moved to Long Beach around 1916 from Nebraska.

    • Chris Garner says:

      Also met Clay Orchard a few times. A very nice gentleman! As were all the Garner and Orchard men.

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