Hargleroad farm near Guilford Springs, Pennsylvania

An interesting glimpse into some of our Hargleroad family’s activities in the 1800s.  John, and his son, Michael, are our direct ancestors. Article published in “The Chambersburg Register” of Jan. 17, 1908.  (I left in the spellings in the original article used for the Hargleroad and also highlighted mentions of our direct ancestors.)

This is the same farm where the Confederate soldiers camped on the way to Gettysburg. Click to read more . . .

By the Running Stream . . . Another Old Landmark in Guilford Township

The Harglerode farm near Guilford Springs, once owned by John Hargleroad — Descended to his sons, and is now the Burkholder Property.

1908 Hargleroad article in The Chambersburg Register

1908 Hargleroad article in The Chambersburg Register

What was for many years known as the Hargelrode Farm, is situated along the Chambersburg and Greencastle road, 3 miles south of the county seat, the land now being owned by William Burkholder.  Early in the 18th century John Hargelrode came to this county from Lancaster County, and soon thereafter was married to Miss Elizabeth Etter, who had been born and raised in the vicinity of what is now the village of Guilford Springs, and not far from the land of which her husband subsequently became the owner.  In what year Mr. Harghelrode bought the farm is not definitely known, but he resided thereon until his death, which occurred in 1834.  Shortly before his death he had plans prepared for a new farm dwelling that was to have taken the place of the log building in which he lived, and which had, doubtless, been erected before Franklin county was organized.  He died before the work on the new structure had been begun. 

After his death, two of his sons, Jacob and Michael Hargelrode became the owners of the farm, the joint ownership continuing until 1850 when Michael purchased the interest of this brother and became sole owner.  It was not long after the death of their father that the two brothers named erected the farm dwelling which is yet standing and is fairly well preserved.  The plan of the building which their father had prepared was followed by the brothers.  It stands on an eminence on the east side of the highway referred to — the barn, which was possibly erected almost the same time that the house was built, occupying a site directly west of the road.  Michael Harghelrode remained in possession of the farm until 1874 when he disposed of it and removed to the west, locating in Nebraska, on a homestead that he had taken up.

Lizzie Brough Hargleroad, wife of Michael

Lizzie Brough Hargleroad, wife of Michael

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harghelrode:

Michael Hargelrode and wife had the following children, all of whom were born on the old homestead:

  • Susannah, who married Augustus Hoffield.  They live in Kidder, Missouri, in which state, Mr Hoffield is engaged in farming.  They have no children.
  • Catharine Harghelrode married Geo. S. Coover, the well known blacksmith of new Franklin, in which village they reside.  Their marriage occurred on the 11th of January, 1870, the ceremony having been performed by Rev. M.A. Kieffer, in Chambersburg.
  • Lillie, who is the wife of Jacob Evans, lives in Los Angeles, Calif.  They have a family of nine children.
  • Sarah is the wife of solomon Martin.  They live in Mancote, Kansas and have ten children.
  • Christian Harghelrode married Mary Evans.  They have eight children and live in Roseland, Nebraska.
  • Michael Harghelrode resides in Holstein, Nebraska, is married and has three children.
  • John Harghelrode married Addie Brindle.  They have no children and live in Spokane, Washington.
  • William Harghelrode resides in Holstein, Nebraska.  He is married, his family consisting of his wife and six children.
  • Frank Harghelrode also lives in Holstein, Nebraska, his family is composed of his wife and three children.
  •  His brother Harvey is also a resident of Holstein, Nebraska, his family consisting of his wife and three children.

Removes to the West

Michael E. Hargleroad, 1824-1904

Michael E. Hargleroad, 1824-1904

The father, Michael Harghelrode, was one of Guilford township’s substantial citizens, and a successful tiller of the soil.  He died in the west, his death having occurred in 1904.  His wife died in 1882.  Several years ago, one of the daughters, Mrs. Coover, of New Franklin, visited her brothers and sisters in the west, and as all then met, a photograph of the group was taken, a reproduction of which appears in connection with this sketch.

[A section about Mr. and Mrs. Coover’s family is in original article.]

Present Owner of the Farm

Hargleroad farm in 1908, Guildford Springs, PA

Hargleroad farm in 1908, Guilford Springs, PA

1908 house on Hargleroad farm, Guildford Springs, PA

1908 house on Hargleroad farm, Guilford Springs, PA

William H. Burkholder now owns and occupies the “Harghelrode Homestead,” having purchased it about four years ago. The farm is a valuable one, being well adapted for the raising of stock, the stream known as Guilford Springs passing through a number of the fields. Accompanying this is an illustration of the farm dwelling and of the barn, a portion of the public highway which passes between the farm buildings also appearing in the illustration.

Descendents of Michael E. and Elizabeth Brugh Hargleroad
Taken in September, 1904

Photo of adult Hargleroad children taken after their father, Michael Hargleroad, died. His daughters, Kate Hargleroad Coover came to Nebraska from Pennsylvania and Lilly Hargleroad Evans came from California.

Hargleroad siblings - Harvey, Frank, William John, Michael, Christian, Sue, Kate, Lilly, Sadie

Hargleroad siblings – Harvey, Frank, William, John, Michael, Christian, Sue, Kate, Lilly, Sadie

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