John C. Herchelroth – last will and testament

I made a copy of John’s will at the Franklin County, Pennsylvania courthouse in Chambersburg during a visit in July 1998. He had quite a large estate with two farms and had done very well financially.

John Herchelroth died two months after the will was signed and is buried at what is now the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was a German Reformed/Lutheran Congregation at the time. His wife, Elizabeth Etter Herchelroth died in 1845 and is also buried there.

Michael E. Hargleroad, 1824-1904

Michael E. Hargleroad, 1824-1904, son of John C. Herchelroth

Their youngest child, Michael E. Hargleroad (I presume the E. stands for Etter, though I have never seen it written out), is our direct ancestor and was born when his father was 50 years old. Michael was only 10 years old when his father died. When he came of age, he was already off to a good start.

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John C. Herchelroth family group sheet and map

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Will and Testament of John Herkelroth

John C. Herchelroth - last will and testament 1834, pg. 1

John C. Herchelroth – last will and testament 1834, pg. 1

Page 311 Will Book D Franklin County, PA

The last, 9 Nov 1834, Will and Testament of John Herkelroth of Guilford Township, Franklin County Pennsylvania.

In the first place I direct that my Executors hereinafter mentioned shall pay off all my just debts and funeral expenses, and for that purpose they shall sell and dispose of to the best advantage what grain there is and both of my plantations, and the residue of the product of said plantations beyond what is necessary to support the family shall be laid up and used for the purpose of erecting a new dwelling house on the farm I live on the cost of which shall not exceed nine hundred dollars.  I do not wish any of my stock, tools, farming utensils or household or kitchen furniture to be sold but I dispose of them as herein after mentioned. 

I give and devise to my beloved wife Elizabeth as much of the household and kitchen furniture as she may choose to take, two cows of her choice of my stock, four sheep, and annually during her life direct that my four sons shall deliver to her five hundred pounds of pork, one hundred weight of beef, fourteen baskets of wheat, ten bushels of corn, four bushels of potatoes, and as many apples and as much cider as she may need and pasture and feed for her cows to be fed with my sons cattle on either of the farms she may be living on.  I devise to her also during her life life her choice from time to time of living either on my mansion farm in Guilford Township where she shall be entitled to one room and the use of the kitchen and cellar in my present house or the one that is to be built or on my farm in Green Township where she shall have the room behind the dining room and the room above the dining room with liberty of the cellar, and with the use of so much of the garden as she may want at either place where she shall be living and with liberty to keep her poultry not exceeding one dozen.  And I allow my four sons to pay to her annually during life forty two dollars in cash out of the products of the two farms. I allow my wife and children to live on my farm in Guilford Township as they now do until my son Jacob arrives at the age of twenty one years which will be on the eighteenth day of October eighteen hundred and forty, and at that time the first payment of forty two dollars shall be made to my wife and the other provisions for her support commence.

John C. Herchelroth - last will and testament 1834, pg. 2

John C. Herchelroth – last will and testament 1834, pg. 2

Item – I devise and bequeath to my daughter Maria two cows and four sheep her choice and two thousand dollars to be paid by my sons as herein after mentioned.

Item – I devise to my son Lawrence two thousand dollars deducting therefrom what he has received from me and is charged in my book, except that from the charges in the book is to be first taken three hundred and thirty five dollars which I allow him for services services and a horse I gave him which I don’t charge him with to be paid by my other sons as herein after mentioned.

Item – I give and bequeath to my daughter Catharine wife of Jacob Rinehart two thousand dollars deducting therefrom what I have given her and is charged in my books except the cows and sheep and it is my express will that this legacy is for the sole and separate use of said Catharine and shall not be under the control or subject to the debts or contracts of her husband and as it shall become payable as hereinafter mentioned by my sons.  I allow it to remain in the land at interest and the interest to be annually paid to herself alone for her own separate use, but if she survives her husband she is then to get the principal and if she dies before him then the principal is to be paid to her children.

Item – I devise and bequeath to my four sons, John, Jacob, Christian and Michael their heirs and assigns forever as tenants in common all my real estate consisting of a plantation in Guilford Township aforesaid on which I reside adjoining Jacob Heyser, Jacob Fent, William Young’s heirs and others containing one hundred and sixty acres more or less.  Also a plantation in Green Township and County aforesaid adjoining land  of Samuel Semy Samuel Harbison _____ Overholzer and others containing two hundred and four acres more or less, which I devise to my said sons subject to the foregoing provisions for my wife and to the payment of the foregoing legacies to Marie, Lawrence, and Catharine which legacies are to be paid as follows, whenever my debts and the the expenses of building the new house are paid then the net proceeds of the two farms after supporting the family shall be annually applied to the payment of said legacies the first sums to be applied to Catharine and Maria’s Legacies until they shall have received each as much as Lawrence has already received until Jacob arrives at the age of twenty one years and then and from that time there shall be paid to Maria, Lawrence and Catharine each two hundred dollars annually until their legacies are paid off subject to the provision relating to Catharine’s legacy.

Item – I give and devise to my said four sons, John, Jacob, Christian and Michael all my stock household kitchen furniture and tools and farming utensils not herein before devised, of which an Inventory and valuation is to be made, and to remain in John’s hands till Jacob arrives of age, when John is to give him stock and to the half of the valuation, and when Christian and Michael severally come of age John and Jacob are to furnish them with stock and to the amount of one fourth of said valuation – It is my will that my lands devised as aforesaid shall not be divided till my youngest son Michael comes of age, and that my said minor children shall be supported educated and be brought up as farmers on the land – I appoint my friend Abraham Hollinger and my son, John, Executors of this will, and it is my will that Abraham Hollinger do all the duties under this will until John comes of age  viz . on the twenty ninth day of December eighteen hundred and thirty five, and I appoint the said Abraham Guardian of my son Jacob until he comes of age.  Signed sealed and published by John Herkleroth as his last will and testament this 9th day of November 1834. in presence of

Hse Miller

J.D. Culbertson   

J.G. Mculloh

John Herchelroth

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