William Brownlee Gabby Hargleroad and Magdalena Blank – history written 1940

William B. G. Hargleroad, age 80 and Magdalena Blank Hargleroad, age 77, in 1943

William B. G. Hargleroad, age 80 and Magdalena Blank Hargleroad, age 77, in 1943

Transcription of handwritten pages at their 56th anniversary, February 28, 1940

Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Hargleroad

Feb. 28, 1940 — 56 years
William Brownley Gabby Hargleroad

Born Feb. 8, 1863 near Chambersburg, Penna.

Left Penna. Mar. 31, 1874 to Indiana and in Hastings, April 2, 1875 — landing on their homestead in southwest Adams County, April 19, 1875 on the section on which the east part of Holstein is now — southeast of Holstein.

Parents, Michael HargleroadElizabeth Brough.  Their graves are in Holstein Cemetery, that was a part of Michael Hargleroad, Jr.’s homestead.

One sister, Mrs. Sadie (Sarah) Martin lives at Mankato, Kan.

1940-William-and-Magdalena-Hargleroad-history-pg-1There were 13 in this family, 10 lived to be well past middle age.
Magdalena Blank Hargleroad

Born June 3, 1866 near Lancaster, Penna.

Left Penna. Jan. 2, 1878 for Ill. and to Concordia, Kan., in 1879 with her half-sister, Mrs. Geo. Mancha [Elizabeth Blank], and on to their homestead near the present town of Glen Elder.  Most of this trip was in a covered wagon:  later she lived with her half-sister Mrs. Geo. Breitweiser [Fanny Blank], southwest of Juniata.

Parents, Samuel Blank and Lovenia Massey

Magdalene — the youngest of 15 brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters, and the last living member of this large family.
Married Feb. 28, 1884 at Juniata.

Lived on the Hargleroad homestead, near Sterling, Colo., in York Co., Neb. then to Holstein, March 1 1891, and to Hastings, Nov. 15, 1926.  Present address 503 N. Elm.
1940-William-and-Magdalena-Hargleroad-history-pg-2There are 7 living children and their families — including 6 grandchildren.

Mrs. (Louis) Pearl Nelson, Ong, Neb.

W.B.H. Jr., Omaha

Mrs. (J.P.) Ruth Rigg, Grand Junction, Colo.

Miss Jewell Hargelroad, Omaha

James C. H. , Milwaukee, Wisc.

Mrs. (J.R.) Grace Lacko, Quarry Heights

Ralph W. H., Los Angeles, Ca.
6 of their children, 1 son-in-law, 1 g. dau have taken their college work at Hastings College.
Mr. H., along with his brothers and later with his own family, has owned and operated many lines of business — farming, elevator, stock, well and windmill, implement, banking, general store and in later years has perfected and manufactured the road drag.

In civic and church work the Har. took their places, Mrs. H. being one (I think the only living member) of the first group of church workers in Holstein, organizing the Evan. Church holding services in homes, school, houses, and later in the church, built about 1896.  Mr. H. served on town, school, township boards and was Co. Sup.  He built several residences and business houses.
(personal note)

Mrs. J.P. Rigg is here from G.J., Jewell over weekend — just recently from Panama, visiting the sister and husband.
1940-William-and-Magdalena-Hargleroad-history-pg-3Additional handwritten page:

Uncle John A. Brough died June 25, 1900

Laid to rest in the clear yellow sand at Ramah, Colo. — a small station on the R.G.R.R. about 12 miles south of Kuhn’s crossing and east of Colo. Springs.

The cemetery slopes gently toward the Rocky Mts., the scene of his many years of ups and downs of pilgrimage upon this frontier.  (Charles E. Kuhn, March 17, 1908)

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