• “Mother’s babe was buried at sea” – Anders and Bodila Poulson story

    As I sit here in my extremely comfortable office, it is impossible for me to truly understand the hard work and sacrifice that some of our ancestors endured to follow their faith.

    Anders and Bodila Poulsen family, about 1852

    Anders and Bodila Poulsen with their 3 oldest children, Ane, Karen, Neils Peter (the young child, our direct ancestor) probably about 1852. Perhaps the photo was taken before they left Denmark or shortly after arriving in the USA.

    Anders Poulson and Bodila Katherine Pedersen Poulson left Denmark in 1852 and gave all they had, endured storms, sickness, hunger, and even the loss of their 9-month-old baby at sea — all to follow their faith and be able to worship as they chose. Our ancestor, Neils Peter Poulson (known by Peter), was only 2 years old during the trek.

    Their journey lasted 10 months from Denmark, through Germany, England, across the Atlantic, up the Mississippi River to Iowa, learning to handle a team of oxen and facing the frontier as they crossed the plains to Utah. After being in the Salt Lake Valley for only a short time, they were asked to settle the Manti, Utah area, and then after several years they uprooted again to help settle the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

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