Emma Orchard Garner Family Album

Emma Orchard is a sister to our great-grandfather, Robert Clay Orchard.

Emma was born in Canada, then moved to Nebraska with her parents. She married Joseph Walter Garner, who died in Nebraska. She moved to California and lived to be 100 years old.

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  1. Christopher Garner says:

    Emma was my great grandmother and Clifford was my grandfather. I met “Uncle Clay” a few times on his visits to California. A very nice man. Loved hearing his train stories!

    • Jill says:

      Hi cuz,
      Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear some of Clay’s train stories, as I was too young to know to ask him about his life as an engineer. I did meet Emma one time when our family was in CA. Didn’t she live to be over 100 years old?

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