• Orchard family photo gallery

    Robert Knott Orchard

    Robert Knott Orchard, immigrated to Canada from England in 1861 with wife, Eliza Clay

    Looking through 100-year-old family photos is one of my favorite things — love the connection with the past.

    After testing out about 10 different photo gallery options, I think I figured out how to start sharing my collection of heritage photos.  Please check it out — just click “Gallery” on the main top menu.

    Let me know how your experience is, and I’m happy to get suggestions to improve.  I have many, many, many, many more photos to organize, label and upload, so this will be an ongoing project for several months or even years. You may want to subscribe to these posts because I’ll be sure to give a quick update when there more family albums are uploaded.

    I started with some Orchard family photos that were given to me mostly by my Grandma Stell Mortensen Orchard about 40 years ago. It’s funny how going through the photos brings back so many memories of that amazing day with her.


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