Memories of Robert Clay Orchard by some great-grandchildren



Great-granddad Orchard with Roberta and her children, Bob, Bill, Jill, Jeff, Julie, Sarah




Two years after our great-granddad Orchard, as we called him, died, my mom had the four children who were at home that day sit down on a Sunday afternoon and write our memories of him. Here are our words —

Sunday, Jan. 23, 1972

I remember when me, Jill and Julia came home from Lincon Park but Grandpa wasn’t home and Grandma wasn’t eather, so we whent to great Grandpas house and on the way we saw butterflys on flowers and blossoms on trees it was pretty in some gardons and then we got there. Great Grandad gave us some candy. he was suprised when we told him that we walked there, we desided that we better go home. When we got home Grandma and Grandpa were comeing hoe to.

Sarah Rigg, age 6


I remember going to his house on Halloween and him giving us a huge bag of candy. I remember him sitting in his layback chair watching t.v. and petting his dog. I remember his cat snowball and her scratching board. I remember his downstairs. Aunt Carie would take me down there and I would think there was ghost and witches and monsters behind the old couch, clothing, boxes, ect.

Julie Rigg, age 11


I remember great grandad Orchard as a man always giving something of his own to someone else. At Christmas he always gave all us kids a card with a couple of dollars in it. On our birthdays he always gave us a card with some money in it. You could always be sure you’d get something from him. He always made sure our dogs and cats were all healthy. If they weren’t he made sure they got better.

Jeff Rigg, age 14


Robert-Clay-Orchard-and-son-BillRobert Clay Orchard was my great-grandfather, the only one I ever really knew. He was the father of my grandfather Orchard. The main thing I remember of going to his house is his big, hairy day, Willamena. I don’t know what kind of dog it was, but it sure had a lot of hair.

A lady named Carey lived with him and to my knowledge, still is living today. She wasn’t his wife and I really don’t know why she was living with him or what happened to his wife. I guess she’d been living with him for years, though. What I remember about her is that she was tall and had thick glasses that made her eyes look big.

GGdad loved animals. He’d come out to our house and brush the dog or take the dog or cat to the vet. He had a white furry cat named Snowball. At his house he’d always have lots of candy. For Halloween he always gave us big sacks of candy.

1959-Robert-Clay-Orchard-with-Pontiac-at-Espanola-NMHe drove a 1958 Pontiac, which we have now. He drove it just like a teenager racing along. He was quite rounded in his old age, but looking at his facial features you could tell that he had been good looking. He died when he was in his eighties with a full head of hair and few, if any wrinkles.

Jill Rigg, age 15

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