• Rigg brothers river adventures

    1951 Bob Rigg, 2nd from left; Jim Rig, 2nd from right

    1951 Bob Rigg, 2nd from left; Jim Rigg, 2nd from right

    I’ve done lots of digging, scanning, organizing and uploading, and now am sharing all photos, videos, newspaper and magazine articles in my possession (some given to my by my Grandma Stell Orchard) that have anything to do with the Rigg brothers river expeditions starting in 1949. One video has narration by my dad, Bob Rigg.

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    Grandma Ruth Hargleroad Rigg and her brother, Bill Hargleroad, Jr. even went down the Colorado River in 1949 with Jim Rigg as boatman (I read that Bill H. left the expedition early at Phantom Ranch, though he had paid for the full trip, because he’d had enough of rapids…:) There are also great photos of Jim and Barbara Rigg, Bob and Roberta Rigg, and Jack Rigg. Enjoy — all my Rigg and Hargleroad kin — and share with others!

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